From Chaos to Confidence

Webinar Replay from March 4, 2019

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Here's what others have said...

This course has literally changed my life! I signed up with the intent of helping me out in the area of PM leadership at work, but what I found was that it had an even more profound effect on my personal life! This course taught me more about myself than anything I've ever done previously. The content is incredible, and Traci is engaging and passionate about the subject matter and really challenged me to apply what was being taught.

“If you're interested in investing in yourself and your future, you owe it to yourself to take this course! Mindworx teaches you how your mind works and how to reshape your thinking to be more effective in all areas of your life!

Matt Sr. Project Manager, CSCP, PMP

“Traci Duez is the most! This workshop provided insightful information that can be effectively applied to your professional and private life. Her coaching skills are wonderful and she is astute at communicating and helpful at teaching you to use your strengths to become a more effective leader. I’d recommend this class to anyone who needs a course in how to motivate others to be and give their best.”

Karen Consultant

“I listened to Mindworx module 5 again today, and wanted to thank you [again] for this amazing material. I have connected so many dots throughout this course about the way I have been interpreting everything around me... it is truly awesome, the changes that are possible, once you become aware of the fact that you can make changes!”

Daniel Project Manager

“I have used Traci’s program for professional development for both my staff and myself for over a year.  From my staff, I have seen a more focused self-awareness and self-confidence that have moved them to a higher level of performance.  As an executive director, Traci continues to help me expand my ability to see beyond my paradigms, which has helped me become a more dynamic leader.”

Karla Executive Director

"This has been a life-changing experience personally and professionally. I believe in many of these concepts and knew a lot of the information, but did not know how to take what I know and apply it. I was ready to get started but did not know how to move in a forward motion and get to my end result. Thank you, now I know HOW."

Suzanne Sr. Project / Program Manager