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MindWorx is the FIRST and ONLY online

Leadership Development Training Program

SPECIFICALLY designed for heart-centered,

results-focused Leaders, Managers and Business Owners.

We've all been there...

  • Do you sometimes feel like you're the only one who cares about your projects or takes responsibility for the outcomes?
  • Does it frustrate you when your team members don't quite have the skills to get the work done, and YOU end up having to pick up the pieces?
  • Have you ever been given an IMPOSSIBLE deadline?
  • How about those times you've struggled to secure sufficient resources - human, time and money?
  • Does LACK OF STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT from disinterested team members, resistant clients or disengaged executives derail your projects?
  • What about the dreaded SCOPE CREEP? Are your projects always extending beyond their original objectives?
  • Do you ever struggle with UNCERTAINTY and INABILITY to make a DECISION?
  • Can you confidently keep the channels of communication open between all stakeholders, or are you blocked by consistently crossed wires?
  • As a leader, do you feel like you have all of the ACCOUNTABILITY but none of the power?
  • Is it sometimes hard to decide on the eventual outcome and define the GOALS of the project?

If this rings true for you, I have something special to share with you today.


I'd like to invite you to the FIRST and ONLY online leadership development training program designed for heart-centered, results-focused leaders based in the principles and practices of NEURO-AXIOLOGY.

I can help you succeed.


I'm Traci Duez, President and Founder of Break Free Consulting and Project Management Brilliance. As an inspiring leader and in-demand speaker, training and coach, I've helped hundreds of PMs and leaders achieve great success over the past 8 years. Now I'm laying out the steps for you, so that you can easily duplicate their success in your life and career.

"Traci, you have worked a miracle! I’ve gone from an overly aggressive, scared, and fairly shy person, to a compassionate, caring, and empathic listener, now capable to speak to any size of audience. As my “Be” coach, you’ve done an incredible feat to help me get through my challenges, so now I am very capable of truly connecting with people during my sales cycle and during coaching sessions, leading me to have an excellent business in less than one year! ... I’m very proud to consider you to be one of the major reasons I’ve had an incredible jump start in my ActionCOACH business. Thank you so much Traci, you ROCK!!"

Doug Winnie, PMP
Houston, TX

Identifying my thinking strengths and challenges changed my life.


Knowing which thoughts to listen to and which ones to ignore helped me to gain control over how my mind worked, and opened up new worlds of possibility to me and those around me.

That's why I'm ready to walk you through the same process that has worked so successfully for me AND my clients.

But it's deeper than that.


You see, I LOVE more than anything teaching leaders how to grow their confidence and courage, how to be more authentic, how to lead so that others will want to follow.

:: WHY? Because I used to be one of those leaders that struggled. I lived a stressed out, overworked, underpaid, confidence-decreasing life. Until I learned about neuro-axiology.

:: WHY? Because neuro-axiology changed my life faster and more permanently than any of the hundreds of other personal development programs I'd tried over the 20 years of my career.

:: WHY? Because it's such a FAST and EASY way to get results. (At least, once you know how to generate the GREATEST VALUE!)

"As a project manager, I always looked for the most cost-effective and painless way to earn PDUs... I've done on-line courses, attended seminars, read books, networked with other professionals--all the standard rituals. When Traci presented the neuro-axiology to our chapter meeting attendees, I was challenged to consider that greater project management knowledge and experience was "not enough" for me to reach the level of success to which I aspire. I was tired of the PDU standard venues and decided to try something new.

All I can say is "WOW!" That person on the team who drove me over the edge - Traci's coaching gave me the tools to solve. The beating my head against the wall because nobody would give the project the same priority - Traci's coaching gave me the tools to solve. Those roadblocks that occur again and again in my projects - Traci's coaching gave me the tools to solve. I had an ah-ha! every session... it was the best investment I have made in obtaining PMP PDUs."

Teresa Burgess, PMP
Oklahoma City, OK

Imagine this.

In just 6 short weeks, you will have transcended your current level of thinking with CONCRETE steps that will enable you to bring your BEST thinking to every situation and lead with the CONFIDENCE that inspires others to WANT to follow you.

:: No more stress-filled nights wondering if you made the right decision.
:: No more pressure from procrastination and perfection!
:: No more missed opportunities to make a difference.

This is the first step to taking control of the ONLY thing in this world you have COMPLETE CONTROL over... your own thinking and actions.

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The ONLY training available for PMs & Executives that gives you the step-by-step methods to SHIFT your THINKING and CREATE your GREATEST VALUE.

Your 6 lessons will focus you on (MVP)2.

:: Mindfulness
:: Mindset
:: Value Dynamics
:: Valuing Habits
:: Purpose
:: Plan

You will walk away from this course with a defined purpose for your life and leadership, and with a specific plan constructed to help you reach your goals.

"I was overwhelmingly surprised at the kinds of teachings and progress I have made because of Traci's coaching and methods. Those methods are not only rich in science and development, but practical in application and impact. Based on neuroscience and axiology, these teachings go deep into the intrinsic realms of a person, which result in long-lasting growth and actualization.

This is no magic pill. Real work and true honesty with one's behavior and actions come to bare, and with Traci's help and guidance, those breakthroughs become evident over time. I am forever changed and thanks to Traci, I feel confident and empowered to create the limitless possibilities that I have before me. If you want to have the success and breakthroughs that transcend all aspects of your life, then I would recommend Traci, who makes a profound difference that is beyond compare!"

Danny Nguyen, MCSE PMP
Houston, TX

Your MindWorx Masterclass Lesson Plan

mindfulnessLesson #1:

:: 5 Neuro-Myths & how they impede your progress

:: 6 Steps in the Ladder of Competence & how missing the last 2 steps limits your success and joy

Learn to stay focused on the things that matter most!

Gain an extra hour EVERY WEEK by recapturing those lost moments where your brain is wandering.

mudLesson #2:

:: 11 Characteristics of a FIXED mindset

:: 8 Behaviors of a FIXED mindset

:: 12 Characteristics of a GROWTH mindset

:: 9 Behaviors of a GROWTH mindset

:: 7 Dispositions of the Best Thinkers

Make real progress toward your dreams and goals by shifting your mindset!

brain-energyLesson #3:

:: 3 Dimensions of Value

:: Relate these to real-life:
      :: Truth
      :: Knowledge
      :: Language
      :: Leadership

:: Framework for making better decisions

Learn to increase your chances of success by making decisions that will generate and create the greatest value!

Save yourself hours of deliberation using axiology’s natural laws of value.

FS-ReportLesson #4:

:: Complete an online assessment to measure YOUR thinking habits!

      :: 3 R’s of Habit Formation

      :: 3 Steps to Raising Your Level of Thinking

Easily create new habits using your strengths!

Save yourself months, or even YEARS, of self-deprivation and self-deprecation.

find-purposeLesson #5:

:: The 5 Step-cycle that keeps you stuck

:: The difference between Emotions & Emotional Sensations

:: 6 Defining Attributes to define your purpose

Focus on “Becoming”

Increase your energy and motivation!

Accomplish your goals faster using the desires of your heart.

breakfree-chainsLesson #6:

:: 5 Ways you Give your Power Away

:: 4 Steps to Take it Back

:: 4 G’s to Growth

Create a plan to become the person you want to become!


  • 6 Career-Changing / Life-Changing Lessons
  • Workbooks & Worksheets for each lesson
  • 2 Recorded Q&A Teleseminars
  • Exclusive Online Forum
  • 10 PDUs for PMI credential holders
  • **Personal Answers to Your Questions via Voxer**

So, what's the cost?


:: It’s taken me over 91 hours of research & preparation, writing, recording, editing, & producing to create these 6 videos.

:: If you wanted to hire me to create this course, I’d charge you at least $12,000.

:: Many of my clients have paid over $3500 for this course.

:: The regular price for this 6-video / 10 hour course is $697.



Split Payment Plan (2 payments of $357)