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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order the Mindworx Live course? +

If the course is still open for enrollment, you can access the sales page by going to

Once purchased, how long can I access the course? +

FOREVER! Once you purchase a course from, you will have complete access to the course forever.

Now, as technology improves, the course may be moved to a new platform or some other unforeseen change may occur. In every case, we will contact you at the email address on file and let you know your new login process.

Can I take the course at my own pace? +


You can take the course at your own pace. While you may have registered for the live version of the course, all lessons are posted online and can be accessed using your username and password. If you did not purchase the live course, your course is available "on-demand" using your username and password. Videos and assignments will always be available and you can take them anytime, at your own pace., and even re-take the lessons if you'd like. You will also have access to the outline, success checklists and other course materials to use to get the most out of the course.

Course Descriptions

Mindworx (MVP)2 - 6 Foundational Keys to Growing Your Influence and Persuasion +

mindfulnessLesson #1:

:: 5 Neuro-Myths & how they impede your progress

:: 6 Steps in the Ladder of Competence & how missing the last 2 steps limits your success and joy

Learn to stay focused on the things that matter most!

Gain an extra hour EVERY WEEK by recapturing those lost moments where your brain is wandering.

mudLesson #2:

:: 11 Characteristics of a FIXED mindset

:: 8 Behaviors of a FIXED mindset

:: 12 Characteristics of a GROWTH mindset

:: 9 Behaviors of a GROWTH mindset

:: 7 Dispositions of the Best Thinkers

Make real progress toward your dreams and goals by shifting your mindset!

brain-energyLesson #3:

:: 3 Dimensions of Value

:: Relate these to real-life:
:: Truth
:: Knowledge
:: Language
:: Leadership

:: Framework for making better decisions

Learn to make decisions that will generate and create the greatest value!

Save yourself hours of deliberation using axiology’s natural laws of value.

FS-ReportLesson #4:

:: Complete an online assessment to measure YOUR thinking habits!

:: 3 R’s of Habit Formation

:: 3 Steps to Raising Your Level of Thinking

Easily create new habits using your strengths!

Improve your emotional stability, clarity of mind and presence.

Save yourself months, or even YEARS, of self-deprivation and self-deprecation.

find-purposeLesson #5:

:: The 5 Step-cycle that keeps you stuck

:: The difference between Emotions & Emotional Sensations

:: 6 Defining Attributes to define your purpose

Focus on “Becoming”

Increase your energy and motivation!

Become the person others WILLINGLY follow.

Accomplish your goals faster using the desires of your heart.

breakfree-chainsLesson #6:

:: 5 Ways you Give your Power Away

:: 4 Steps to Take it Back

:: 4 G’s to Growth

Create a plan to GROW YOUR INFLUENCE and become the person you want to become!

  • 6 Career-Changing / Life-Changing Lessons
  • Workbooks & Worksheets to make your lessons come to life
  • 3 Live Q&A Sessions to give your context personal attention
  • 10 PDUs for PMI credential holders
  • 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee
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