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Joanne Wurst, PMP, PMP-ACP, CSM Joanne Wurst, PMP, PMP-ACP, CSM, Director, Program Management at CyberDefenses, Inc.

"We were blown away by Traci - prior to the event, she was easy to work with and very responsive to our questions. At the PDD, she was engaging, humorous and riveting. The chapter members enjoyed the event, we had the highest attendance at a Spring PDD and everyone stayed through the afternoon. Our survey results gave Traci high marks."

Daniel McMahon, PMP Daniel McMahon, PMP, Solution Architect, Capgemini

"I have attended more than one of Traci's seminars.  She brings humor and practical advice to real-world sessions addressing the topics that enable us to learn and improve in our complex world. In each session I took away specific, actionable items that brought new focus to my everyday work."

Laura Carrington, PMP, PMI-ACP Laura Carrington, PMP, PMI-ACP, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

"Traci Duez spoke recently at our Project Management Institute Professional Development Day. Traci is energetic, bright, humorous and a great speaker. I enjoyed her keynote, "Getting 40% More Cooperation & Productivity From Your Team," on leading with RESPECT, the three classes of value, their ranking and a reminder that each of us is unique, priceless and irreplaceable.

My favorite part? She provided practical step-by-step actions I can put to use today to be a better leader. I highly recommend Traci."

Michael Nease MA, PMP Michael Nease MA, PMP, Area Manager for St. Louis Cardinals

"Having been a PM for a long time, Traci offered fresh and current insight that was sorely needed in my everyday interactions with my colleagues as well as my family.   
As anyone who knows me well would say, I don't give cheap endorsements or compliments, but Traci just knocked it out of the park.  I look forward to future presentations and seminars as I consider Traci Duez a superbly gifted and wise presenter and indeed a very present help to the PM profession."

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  • Larry Antione Larry Antione IBEW Local 1
    Traci Duez presentation was riveting and helpful. Her style of presenting was informative, and her humor was on point. I'm looking forward to seeing her again and reading her book. Thanks for an extraordinary oral presentation.
  • Kim M. Kalman, CAPM Kim M. Kalman, CAPM WMPMI
    Traci's message in her presentation is insightful and memorable.  She communicates with intelligence, and humor. WMPMI was fortunate to have her included in our 2016 Professional Development Day.
  • Roderick Gilliam Roderick Gilliam Guardian Life
    Traci has a brilliant way of conveying her message to the audience. Her stories are real and if you can’t yet relate to some of the challenges she describes then you need to keep on living and remember her advice and strategies.
  • Tim Williams Tim Williams Pilot Flying J
    I heard Traci speak at the East TN PMI Professional Development Day on Friday, January 22nd. She was an excellent speaker that covered the topic of Leading Head and Heart first, clearly explaining why it is important to include 'Heart' leadership in your leadership style. I would strongly recommend Traci to speak at your corporate or any event that is meant to charge your leadership.
  • Thomas Fischer Thomas Fischer Applied Sciences Group
    Traci has an uncanny ability to engage an audience in an otherwise arcane subject and make it not only palatable, but engaging and pertinent. Frank, funny and, passionate are characteristics she brings to the floor with a level of honesty that's not often heard. You're doing yourself and your career a big favor if you see Traci speak on axiology and how it applies to life.
  • Bill Virun, CPP, PMP Bill Virun, CPP, PMP Visually Attractive, Inc
    Traci delivered two great breakout presentations at the PMI Austin - Professional Development Day in Austin, TX on Sep 11, 2014.  I had attended a prior event where Traci was the keynote speaker and knew that attending her sessions were well worth my time.  Attending her talks, you will get useful information that will help you and your business develop.  Traci is an engaging and interesting speaker.  Her talks on leadership and personal development are thought provoking, inspirational and insightful.  If your business needs a leadership consultant and/or speaker for an event, I recommend that you contact Traci Duez.
  • Steph Wineteer Steph Wineteer Chase
    I took Traci's class on Leadership at the Tampa Bay PMI Chapter Symposium in September 2014. I was thoroughly engrossed by the topic and the presentation. Traci is intelligent, funny, animated, and very easy to follow along with. I would recommend her for any teaching positions in Project Management and how to lead using Axiology. Very, very interesting class and it really makes you spend some time with introspection on how you lead projects.
  • Dhanasekar Chandran Dhanasekar Chandran Cognizant Technology Solutions
    I recently attended Traci's "Leading the Way: Head First AND Heart First" speech at 2014 Tampa Bay Symposium. For me, it was a real eye opener to know how easy it is to get caught into head thinking and lose the foresight to creating value. I recommend this speech for leaders and aspiring leaders to learn how to become a heart thinker and realize its benefits with your team.
  • Edna Moscheo Edna Moscheo Dell
    Traci is indeed a highly skilled and motivating speaker.  I never thought to look at thinking with your heart instead of with your head!
  • Cale Corbett Cale Corbett Dell, General Motors
    I had the honor of spending about 3 hours being trained by Traci at the  Austin PMI Professional Development Series on September 11th. I took away very quantifiable value from the time I spent in her talks. Her presentations on Axiology and how to apply humanity and empathy in my interactions with my colleagues, teammates and direct reports reminded me that we are all the same underneath.  We all need motivation and that starts with keeping our humanity front and center.
  • Sasaenia Paul Oluwabunmi, PMP, MIET Sasaenia Paul Oluwabunmi, PMP, MIET The OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID)
    Traci's level of expertise as an inspirational speaker and a value centered leadership coach is very well grounded. She brings a fresh breath of insight into the concept of value analysis and her approach to the field of axiology is simply phenomenal. I've applied the concept of Value Quotient (VQ) profiling as she advised to aid my personal development and the results were highly positive. I listened to her presentations as part of my Project Management Professional personal development program and the depth of information she imparted into me during this period has left a positive indelible mark forever etched on my personality. If you need a highly efficient value centered leadership coach or an inspirational speaker, Tracy is your best bet; and believe me, you will be glad you consulted her. I recommend her strongly without reservations.

About Traci

Traci has worked with people from 95% of the Fortune 100 companies, as well as from government agencies and universities.  Over the last twelve years, she has shared her inspiring and compelling message with over 37,000 people around the globe.

She teaches a novel development framework based in neuro-axiology (brain science + value science) that focuses on objectively measuring cognitive strengths and emotional intelligence.  Her mission is to help people get unstuck, master their minds, and finish each day's work feeling fulfilled.

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