Reclaiming Your Power in the New Year

Reclaim Your Personal Power

Can you believe it? Another year has come and gone. As you look back on 2017, how did you do? Did you use your power to accomplish all that you set out to accomplish? Did you achieve the dreams and goals that you set for yourself? Oh wait, did you even set goals for 2017?…

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Is being harder on yourself than others a good idea?

Being vulnerably honest… OK, it’s been a while since I sent out a newsletter or posted an article online. It’s time that I let you know why (even if I don’t like to admit it). I’ve been feeling down about myself and frankly, I have no idea why. Have you ever been there? You just…

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What you’ve learned about trust may be all wrong!

Build Trust with the CONNECT Cycel

Most trust building approaches are haphazard. We approach trustworthiness and Trust building in a random, casual, helter–skelter manner and then we expect others to “just trust me.” Many books have been written on the subject and they give you great ideas but no process or framework on how to actually implement those ideas in real-life…

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Your Greatest Grammar Challenge & how it sabotages your success

I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I thought I was pretty good at communication. I mean, I’m a public speaker after all. Then it happened… There I was watching Little People Big World (hey, don’t judge) and Amy Roloff kept talking about how FUSStrated she was. FUSStrated at her ex-husband Matt. FUSStrated…

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3 Magic Words of Persuasion

Have you ever wanted to persuade someone? Have you, as a leader, needed to get somebody to do something? And, no matter what you say, how nicely you say it, or how forcefully you are, ARGH!! It just doesn’t work. Does this happen in your world? It can seem impossible at times. When it comes…

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Moving from Doing to Leading (4 Keys)

In Steve Keating’s blog post at LeadToday, he states: “Here’s a reality of leadership: the vast majority of people are promoted into leadership positions without having demonstrated even a slight ability to actually lead. Many are promoted into leadership positions because they have demonstrated some ability to manage but leading and managing are two entirely different…

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Confidence starts with TRUST. Do you trust yourself?

Do you ever feel stuck or lost? Have you ever wondered what all of ‘this’ means? Have you wondered why are you working so hard? Whether you are making the right choices? taking the best action? I talked to a friend recently who had trouble sleeping. She laid awake in bed wondering about the decisions…

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Is this your Lucky Year? Learn How To Increase Your LQ – Your Luck Quotient

Is this your Lucky Year?

It’s a NEW YEAR! Is this going to be your lucky year? Is this year going to be your best year so far? Are you going to reach new heights and depths, new horizons and frontiers in your life? Have you ever noticed… Have you ever noticed that folks usually think about luck in one…

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3 Things You Might NOT Know About Reaching Your 2017 Goals

New Skills DO NOT lead to Improved Performance or Results What? That can’t be true! Think about it… how often have you wanted certain results or outcomes in your life, so you took a class, bought an online course, attended a conference or seminar… you heard or great ideas and learned new concepts maybe even…

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How Climate Change Can Make the World a Better Place

… Okay, stick with me. I’m not talking about Mother Nature’s climate change here. That topic is for analysis by people who know far more than I do about the environment. What I’m talking about is the climate of your team and the climate of your workplace. I’m sure you have been a part of…

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