Create an Unbelievable Year

Konstantin Stanislavski was a seminal Russian theatre practitioner. He was widely recognized as an outstanding character actor and the many productions that he directed garnered him a reputation as one of the leading theatre directors of his generation. Why is this important to you in this New Year? Well, Konstantin discovered that the most powerful…

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You Lose Your Way When You Lose Your WANT

Today I was thinking about the times in my life when I resigned. Not from my job, but from life. I was thinking about the times when I just settled into a comfort zone and stayed there. It was OK. There was little pain or discomfort but there was also little joy and fulfillment. It just…

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You Should Avoid Schadenfreude

Caution Schadenfreude

How often do you experience schadenfreude? If you’re like I was, you have no idea because you don’t even know what the word means. It’s a German word. Schadenfreude is the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another. Schaden means “harm” and…

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3 Reasons You Should Give Boredom a Try

3 Reasons to Give Boredom a Try

Attention! Attention! Let’s Get Bored! Who has control of your attention? Seriously, who controls what you focus on? Is it YouTube, Facebook, Google? Is it the news or an app? How often do you start something and then switch to something else? You may call that multi-tasking. Neuroscientists call it distraction. We, as a society,…

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Why leadership traits are NOT enough to ensure success

Leadership traits and talents are NOT enough… You’ve probably heard that in order to be a good leader there specific traits that you need. Recently, a book published by Gallup listed 10 traits you need to be a builder and to build a team that accomplishes its goal. The leadership book is written by Jim…

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12 Questions You Need to Ask When Networking with Other Leaders

12 Questions for Networking Leaders

Networking Questions for Every Leader As someone who doesn’t particularly like talking to strangers, networking events (how should I say this tactfully)… Well, networking events were like the spawn of Satan… ok, they just weren’t my favorite place to go. Yet, networking events and hob-knobbing with folks are really helpful as you navigate your career. …

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7 Ways to Handle the Sting of Criticism

Criticism Argh!  Criticism is something that impacts everyone at some point in their lives. We’ve been taught from a young age to value the opinion of others. As a matter of fact, we often times are told that others opinions of us are how we know our value. The teachers grade us. Our parents tell…

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Is Accountability Sabotaging Your Success?

So, you want a culture of accountability, huh? This has been a trend lately in our culture. Just look at how the use of this word has exploded over the past 40 years. Many folks think a culture of accountability is a workplace full of people who “own” their work. In truth, accountability is only…

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Happy 2018!! It’s a New Year and before we move forward, it can be very helpful to look back. As I look back on 2017, it was a fantastic year for me. How about for you? I was blessed in so many astonishing ways. Professionally: I learned so much more about the brain and how…

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Reclaiming Your Power in the New Year

Reclaim Your Personal Power

Can you believe it? Another year has come and gone. As you look back on 2017, how did you do? Did you use your power to accomplish all that you set out to accomplish? Did you achieve the dreams and goals that you set for yourself? Oh wait, did you even set goals for 2017?…

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